Grandma’s Christmas Wish By Helen Foster James

Замечательная сказка, которую следует прочитать каждому, не взирая на возраст!

There is nothing like a grandmother’s love. This sweet story celebrates the special bond between grandma and grandchild at Christmas time. With a bedtime-friendly singsong rhythm and adorable holiday illustrations, this books is sure to charm children and grandmothers alike! 

Нет ничего похожего на любовь бабушки. Эта сладкая история отмечает особую связь между бабушкой и внуком на Рождество. Эта книга, сочетающая ритм пения и мелодии праздника, прекрасно подойдет для детей и бабушек


A gray grandma bunny expresses her love for her little bunny grandbaby in this sweetly sentimental sequel to Grandma Loves You! (2013).

The short, gracefully rhyming text is written in first person from the grandma’s point of view, stating her love for her grandchild in different ways. Her Christmas wish is for nothing more than hugs and kisses from the little bunny, and of course the best Christmas present for a grandparent is the great gift of the grandchild’s mere existence. In the pictures, the kindhearted grandma helps the bunny put a star on the top of their tree, plays outside with the little one in the snow, and gives her grandchild a Christmas gift of a doll made from a pine cone and twigs. The text is playful and succinct, conveying emotion with just a few well-chosen words that will stand up to inevitable multiple rereadings. Soft-focus, detailed illustrations are filled with light in the rabbits’ cozy burrow and in snowy outdoor scenes with falling snowflakes or bright moonlight. The rabbits are utterly charming, with emotionally appealing faces expressing their joy in being together and their loving relationship. Concluding pages include space for a letter from grandmother to grandchild as well as a photo, which makes this more suitable for a gift purchase than for libraries.  

Perhaps a little too sweet in tone for some, but most grandmas would love to read this to a grandchild. (Picture book. 2-4)