Глагол to be

Welcome to your Глагол to be


Read the text and choose the correct form of the verb to be in the Present.

Today _____ Tom's birthday.
All his friends _____ there.
He _____ twelve years old today.
His sister _____ here too.
Her name ____ Kate.
1 out of 3

Fill in was or were.

Helen got married when she _____ 24 years old.
My son ___ at work last week.
The shops ___ open yesterday.
_____ you at home  at 9.30?
I _____ at the city centre when you called me.
2 out of 3

Fill in: am/is/are, was/were. Some sentences are Present and some are Past.

Last year their son was 26 so he is 27 now. Today the weather _____ nice.
But yesterday it _____ cold.
I _____ hungry last night so I had something to eat.
Don't buy this shoes! The _____ too expensive.
Where _____ you at 10 o'clock last Sunday morning?
Why ____ you so tired yesterday?
We must go now. It ____ very late.
We _____ tired when we arrived home so we went to bed.
Anton Chechov died in 1904. He _____ a famous Russian writer.
This time last year I ____ in England.
3 out of 3