Passive Voice exercise 2

Welcome to your Passive Voice exercise 2


Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present, Past или Future Simple Passive.

My question _____ (to answer) yesterday. 

Hockey _____ (to play) in winter.

Mushrooms _____ (to gather) in autumn.

Many houses _____ (to burn) during the war.

His new book _____ (to finish) next year.

Flowers _____ (to sell) in shops and in the streets.

St. Petersburg _____ (to find) in 1703.

Bread _____ (to eat) every day.

The letter _____ (to receive) yesterday.

Nick _____ (to send) to Moscow next week.

1 out of 2

Раскройте скобки, выбирая требующуюся форму глагола.

At the station they will _____  by a man from the travel agency.

She will _____  them in the hall upstairs.

Your luggage ____ by the porter to your room.

Your luggage  ______  up in the lift.

You may _____  your hat and coat in the cloakroom downstairs.

They can _____  the key with the clerk downstairs.

From the station they will _____  straight to the hotel.

Tomorrow he will _____  them to the Russian Museum.

Nick _____  to Moscow last week.

A very interesting book  _____ to me at the library last Friday.

2 out of 2