Passive Voice exercise 3

Welcome to your Passive Voice exercise 3


A Choose the correct  form of the verb.

This creature _____  (make) out of steel and fibreglass.
The roadside attractions _____ (tour) by thousands of visitors to Drumheller in Alberta since it was opened. 
The climp up  the 106 steps is scarry, but visitors _____ (entertain) all the way up.
Dinosaur bones and fossils _____ (put) on display in case lining the stairway.
The walls _____ (paint) with beautiful murals by local artist.
The apple _____ (eat) by the dog.
The sentence _____ (make) with letters.
The theatre _____ (open) by my mom tomorrow.
This statue ___ (make) with sand.
The film ____ (display) in the cinema yesterday.
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Choose the correct form of Passive.

The museum ____ last month.
The new house ___ of steel and glass next year.
Her friends usually ____ at the exhibition. 
In 2050 the city ____ by new unusual parks.
Hamlet ___ by Shakspeare.
Cheese _____ of milk.
The field ___ with snow when I looked out the window.
The statue of Liberty ____ by France.
These attractions ___ by 3 million pople per year.
The invintarions ____ already _____.
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