Passive Voice exercise 4

Welcome to your Passive Voice exercise 4


Choose the correct form of the verb.

The statues ____ (make) to guard the tomb of Qui Shi Huang.
Million dollars ____ (win) by the teenager in this game.
The alphabet ______ (invent) by people.
Skills _____ (improve) by students every year.
This wildlife servive _____ (protect) by UNESCO.
We _____ (invite) to a picnic last week.
The postrait _____ (draw) by a local artist.
The statues ____ (cover) with mud.
The monument _____ (visit) many tourists every day. 
The stolen artefacts __ already ___ (recover) by he police.
1 out of 2
My letter _____(write) with a pencil because I haven't got any pen.
The letter ____ (read) twice yet.
The house _____ (destroy) 20 years ago. 
My project _____ (complete) next week.
The site _____ (renovate) yet.
The Island _____ (visit) by tourist every year.
His facial expressions _____  (read) every time.
The ancient sites _____ (must/excovate) by archaeologist.
A picture of a landscape ______ (paint) by students every seasons in our school.
The buildings _____ (design) by an architect when he gets the task.
2 out of 2