Starlight 3 test 8A

Welcome to your Starlight 3 test 8A

Look, read and choose animals you can see on the picture. Посмотри, прочитай и выбери животных, которые ты видишь на картинке.
1 out of 5
Look, read and circle.
Is Mona playing the guitar?
Is Harry reading?
Is Missy running?
Is Emma eating?
2 out of 5

Choose the correct sentence from the follow words. Выбери правильно составленное предложение из следующих слов.





now/I/sleeping/am not.


3 out of 5
Read and choose the correct response.

Look at the hippos!
Time to go home!
Whast is he doing?
Look at Monna!
4 out of 5

Look and complete the letter.
Dear Mum and Dad,

I'm having a goot time on the farm. It's _________ today.

I'm wearing my new _____ shoes and my red ______.

I'm helping grandma withe the _______.

I love it here!

See you soon.


5 out of 5