Starlight 4 test 5 A

Welcome to your Starlight 4 test 5 A


A Look, red and choose.
1 out of 6

B    Read and choose.

You _____ eat so many sweets. 

He's got a headache. He ___ take an aspirin.
You ___  take the bus. I can drive you to your work.
Tomorrow is Saturday. You ____ wake up early.
You ____ pick the flowers from the garden.
2 out of 6

C Complete the senteces.

I can't go the the cinema. I _____ do my homework.
You ____ tidy your room. You cleaned it yesterday.
Ann ____ get up early because she has a tennis lesson ot 9 o'clock. 
Anton ___ wear a uniform at school. He can wear his favoutite clothes. 
You ___ drop litter. It is the countryside!
We are at the countryside! We ___ put out the fire!
To keep your body strong and fit you _____ eat vegetables every day!
3 out of 6

D   Choose the correct items.

Ann and Tom  are overe there. Tell ___ to come here.
Please give ____ the hat.
Where's Mark? Can you see _____?
Look at ___! She's dancing.
4 out of 6

E   Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

Country Code/forget/Don't/ the/!
5 out of 6

F Read and fill in:

dentist's, sweets, aspirine, soon, shouldn't.
I'm sorry to hear you've got a bad  toothache. You should take an ____ and you should go to the _____.
You ______ eat any _______.
I hope you feel better ____.
6 out of 6