Starlight 4 test 5 B

Welcome to your Starlight 4 test 5 B


A   Look, read and choose.
1 out of 6

B  Read and choose.

You _____ eat fruit every day!
You ____ run when it is wet.
She can't watch TV. She ___ do her homeworke.
You ____ go to bed late.
You ___ make lunch. There's a pizza in the fridge.
2 out of 6

C   Complete the sentences.

Sam ___ get up early, he is on holiday.
Ted ___ leave now, he's got a Maths lesson.
We _____ drop litter on the ground.
My dad ___ go to work by bus, he's got his car.
We ____ help our mom, we can't play computer.
We ____ exercise to be fit and healthy.
He _____ get up early on Sundays.
3 out of 6

D Choose the correct items.

Where is Tom? Can you see _____?
Can you please give ____ the skin cream?
Look at ___! We are dancing!
Mark and Kate are overe there. Tell ___ come here.
4 out of 6

E   Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

Country Code/forget/Don't/ the/!
5 out of 6

F   Read and fill in:

should, sleep, aspirine, soon, outside.
I'm sorry ti here you have got a bad headache. You should take an ______.
You _____ get some _____.
You shouldn't go ______. It's very cold.
I hope you feel better ______.
6 out of 6