Starlight 4 test 6 B

Welcome to your Starlight 4 test 6 B


Look, read and cirle.
1 out of 7

Fill in  How much or How many.

1. _____lemons are there?
2. _____ water is there?
3. _____ tea is there?
2 out of 7

Fill in is or are?

1. How much butter _____ there?
2. How many mangoes _____ there?
3. How many strawberries _____ there?
4. How much food _____ there?
5. How much lemonade _____ there?
3 out of 7

Read and fill: some or any.

1. There is _____ cheese in the pizza.
2. Max hasn't got _____ apples in the breakfast.
3. Are there ____ mangoes in the supermarket?
4. I've got ___ tea in my cup.
5. Is there ____ Cola in the fridge?
4 out of 7

Read and choose.

1. Wow! So beatiful dress! Is it _____?
2. This is her mother. And this  _____ father.
3. This is my tea. Where _____?
4. These boots are nice. They are _____.
5 out of 7

Look, reead and complete.

A:  Can I have a ____ of Cola?
B:  Yes,  here you are.
A:  Sam, take one ____ of flour, please. We'll  bake a pie.
B:  OK, mum.
A:  Don't take my pasta! You have yours on your _____.
B:  Oh, sorry.
A:  We sould buy one _____ of bread. We haven't got any bread at home.
B:  OK. Let's buy.
A:  It is hot. Let's buy some lemonade?
B:  This _____?
6 out of 7

What are Ben's friends having for lunch?

Read and choose correct mael.

Jill loves vegetables, she is having a salad for lunch today.
Nick doesn't like vegetables, but he loves meat. And he is having hot dogs for lunch today.
Sam likes hot dogs too. But he isn't having hot dogs today. He is having chicken!
Anna doesn't like chicken. She likes pizza. She's having pizza for lunch today.
Kim doesn't want pizza today. He want beans. So he's having beans for lunch.
Bill likes beans too, but he isn't having beans for lunch today. He's having pasta. Pasta is his favourite food.
7 out of 7