Starlight 5 test 5B

Welcome to your Starlight 5 test 5B


A Complete the sentences with the correct word.

Avatar is my favourite ____ film.
 The Kwakiutl Indians wore animal ____ to keep warm.
 The America in the 15th century, some native _____ lived in tepees.
In ___ Egypt, girl didn't ettend school.
 A terrible ___ from a volcano destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii.
The ancient Egyptians played ___ games on their free time.
 Queen Elizabeth 1 ____ England from 1558 to 1603.
 Do you help your parents with ___ around the house?
The emperor at Machu Picchu lived in a beautifil _____. 
 I like thriller because they are ___ .
 The Kwakiutl Indians wore animal ____ to keep warm.
 The America in the 15th century, some native _____ lived in tepees.
1 out of 7

B. Underline the correct items.

 The Cheyenne Indians _____ buffalo for food.

 I thought the _____ effects in that films were amazing.
 Colorful, floral prints were very _____ hit in the 1960s.
When I was a child, I _____ newspapers.
2 out of 7

C Put the verb in the brackets into the Past Simple

 The ancient Egyptians _________ (fish) on the River Nile.
 We _____ (not/like) the film. It was very boring.
  _________________ (women/wear) miniskirts in the 1960s?
 Francis Drake ____ (give) Elizabeth lots of gold and silver.
 Horam Ningham _______ (discover) Machu Picchu in 1911.
 The Incas _____ (grow) potatoes, corn and cocao.
 What film ____ (you/see) at the cinema last night?
 Teenagers ____ (listen) the Beatles in the 1960s.
 Paraohs ___ (rule) the Egypyian empires for many years.
 The Vikings ____ (not/live) in England.
3 out of 7

D. Fill in the gaps with the correct verbs.

 Francis Drake _____ a famous piret and explorer. 
 I ___ read at the age of six.
  The Phoenicians  ____ the first people to sail around Africa.
 In the 1960s, most of people ___ a television.
 The ancient Egyptions _____ build houses from stone. 
4 out of 7

E Read the text. In each question chose the correct answer, A, B, C or D.

1. Christopher Columbus . . . 
2.  In Columbus's day, Eroupeans . . . 
3. Columbus's idea to get to Asia quickly was . . .
4. Columbus finally crossed the Atlantic withe the help of the . . .
5. When Columbus arrived in the Amaricas, . . .
6. From the text, we know that Columbus . . .
5 out of 7

F Choose the correct response.

 Was it boring?
I lived on a farm when I was a child.
 Did you like it?
 It sounds like you had a nice life there?
 Do you miss all that?
6 out of 7

G You will hear an interview with the historian talking about Pompeii. Listen and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1. The eruption of Montain Vesuvius destroyed two cities.
2. Arhaeologists agree 20.000 people died when Mountain Visuvius erupted.
3. No one in Pompeii thought Mountain Vesuvius was dangerous.
4. An arhaeologist found Pompeii in 1500.
5. Tourists can't see certain areas in Pompeii.
7 out of 7