Starlight 6 test 5 A

Welcome to your Starlight 6 test 5 A


Fill in the sentences with the correct word from bellow.

Don't swim in the lake, it's very ______.
It's against the law to go _____ for animals without a licence.
Millions of people live _____ in Africa.
Doctors ____ people's lives every day.
The city ___ from the flood every year.
The charity ____ money to help poor people in Africa.
The observstion team monitors animals in their natural ___.
Sea turtels usually _____ their eggs at night.
Hurricanes ____ millions of people every year.
The storm caused landslides which___ houses out to sea.
1 out of 6

Choose the correct items.

Our class _______ a donation local charity every year.
The ___ team helped search for survivos after the earthquake.
Karin support many  ___ , including flying poverty.
The charity event ___ once a year.
He ____ to help clean the neighbourhood.
Paul had a ___ fall and broke his hand.
2 out of 6

Read the text and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).
Scott left New York City because wanted to change job.

Mercy Ships is a charity hospital in Liberia, Africa.
Doctors and staff don't get paid on Mercy Ships.
Scott volonteered as a doctor ona floating hospital.
Unsafe water cased many of the illnesses of Mercy Ship's patients.
The first projact of "charity: warer's" was in Uganda.
17 million people now recieve clean water from Scott's charity.
3 out of 6

Chose the correct response.

What are you doing?

Would you mind helping me?
What time?
Can I give you a hand?
Around six would be great.
4 out of 6

You are going to hear five people talking about charities they participate in. Mach the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-F). There is one extra statement that does not mach. 

A. I have cared of my cause for a long time. 
B. I find it's rewarding work.
C. My charity helps around the word.
D. All my family gets involved in my charity.
D. I want to adopt an animal.
F. I am concerned about the local environment.
5 out of 6

Choose the correct item.

The tornado ___ some houses in town last week.
Peter has ___ published his third novel.
Have you ever ___ to Australia?
Trevor has ___ climed a mountain.
If their team ___ better, they would have won the game.
They haven't been abroad ___ years.
Marthe ___ as a volunteer since 2003.
Molly ___ to Cameroon last year.
I wish I ___ enough money to go on holiday next month.
Last week, we ____ around the campfire and sang songs.
Tonny couldn't walk because he  ___ his ankle.
Jack isn't here. He  ___ skateboarding. 
Laura ____ in Pakistan since 2008.
I wish it ___ so much yesterday.
If I ____ the lottery, I would donate some money to charity.
6 out of 6