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Open the breakets and fill in the correct form of the verb in Present Perfect, Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect.

1.  The kitten ______(hide) under the chair now.
2. He never _______(do) good to people.
3. I _______(talk) with Sam when I saw you.
4. He ______(eat) his lunch by the time they came.
5. They _______(be) on holiday last week.
6. I _____ (not/buy) clothes at the shop yesterday.
7. I _____(not/buy) clothes at the shop yet.
8. I _____ (not/buy) clothes at the shop before you called me.
9. Oh! Mr. Tomson _______ (break) her leg.
10. What ______ you  ______(do) at 5 o’clock yesterday?
1 out of 2

Read and choose the correct form.

1. With whom you (talk) yes­terday?
2. He _____(see) this film this week. He likes it very much.
3. They  _____ (go) to the Hermitage last week. 
4.They  _______ (be) to the Hermitage twice this week.
5. When I  came home yesterday, the children _____(run) and _____(sing) merrily.
6. They are busy now. They  ______(discuss) an important question. They _______(discuss) it since five o’clock.
7.   Don’t eat that cake. I ____ (just/make) it and it is very hot. 
8. How long _____ you _____ (know) Susan?
9. I _______ (not/watch) TV since my TV set broke down.
10.  My teacher ____ (check) our hometasks whole evening yesterday.
2 out of 2